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Bamboo Spine / Ankylosing Spondylitis

Featured Testimonial

“The last time (two years ago) I consulted my orthopedic doctor was utterly upsetting. Truth hurts! I was told frankly that my condition he called it ‘bamboo spine’ has been found no cure ; meaning, I really had to endure the ordeal of daily sufferings due to a bolt of pain and a muscle spasm shooting through my lower back, both shoulders, and neck….” – by Dante S. Abella (Read More)

Slipped Disc

“I had a slipped disc and a very painful back before and my uncle said that I should see a chiropractor.  After finding Mabuhay Chiropractic on the web, I wasted no time in getting there. After my first session with docMike, I immediately felt great relief and my back seems to be getting better after each and every treatment. I was able to get back to sports like basketball because of Doc Mike although he constantly advised me that I should find a more suitable sport. I thank God for docMike and Mabuhay chiropractic! I know that they are in the business of helping and healing people. God Bless!” – by Michael Cataluña

Neck Tension

“I had shoulder pains for years & I had the habit of cracking my neck to ease the tension. One day, I was talking to a cousin who told me about back & neck injuries and surgeries running in our family so I decided to see a chiropractor. At that time, a friend is a patient of Dr.Tetrault; she recommended him so I went. I may say that I felt better as soon as the first session was done. I even miss the twice a week sessions! I am glad I came to his clinic at the right time when I can still be healed by him without having to use braces or face surgery!” – by A.R. (Artist)

Constant Headaches

“I looked online (Google) for a chiropractor and mainly, it was the proximity of the clinic to my place of residence that I decided to call Mabuhay Chiropractic.  The website seemed more professional than the others and was informative making me feel more comfortable and confident about going to a chiropractor.

I had been suffering from constant headaches and neck pain for a while now.  I have a highly stressful job and I was worried that my health issues would start affecting the quality of my work.  Thankfully, several weeks into my treatment, the headaches and neck pain are gone. Doc Mike is gentle, friendly and gives practical information. I would definitely recommend Mabuhay Chiropractic as a great place to go for anyone who may be scared or tentative about chiropractic treatment.” – by Ethel Avisado


Nakakalakad na ako muli!

Ako si Pedro Borre, isang fisherman diver, habang nasa ilalim ng karagatan ng China Sea  hindi ko na maigalaw ang buo kong katawan  maliban sa ulo. This happened noong Dec 23, 2004, nagtiis ako sa hirap at sakit sa mahabang panahon at sa awa ng Panginoon, nakilala namin si Doctor Storm Gill isang Chiropractor. Nagpasya akong lumuwas ng Manila noong Nov 28 2013, karga karga ako ng aking anak, hindi ko kayang maglakad sa sobrang maga ng aking mga paa. Ginamot ako ni Doctor Storm, bumalik yong sigla ng aking katawan at nawala ang pamamaga ng mga kasu-kasu-an at ngayon nakakalakad na akong muli. Thank you so much  DOC STORM GILL you’re the best medicine in the whole world I have.

Maintenance Care; Chronic Disc

“I had suffered a herniated disc 20 years ago and I have learned to understand when something needs adjusted and why. I found Mabuhay Chiropractic online and started care in the SM Bacoor location. Doc Mike has impressed me with his abilities and I now visit him for maintenance adjustments. Every time I visit, he touches my back and immediately tells me the problem. Doc Mike provides very good advice for maintenance in all aspects of health. Doc Mike is highly recommended!” – by John Wilson

Low Back Pain

“My wife Maricris was helped by Dr. Tetrault and so she referred me to see him in October 2008 because of my lower back pains and for better general health. It only took a couple weeks of chiropractic care to give me significant relief and get me back on the golf course regularly. I go see docMIKE every month or so to keep me tuned up and for occasions I over do it and after many travels. My children also see docMIKE for natural solutions of general health reasons. The clinic is very convenient to my home nearby.” – by Donnies Alas


Found Us On The Internet

“I found Mabuhay Chiropractic when searching on Google. The web sight was helpful containing information on the history of chiropractic and diagrams of spinal anatomy. When I came for my appointments I found an extremely helpful and friendly staff, including Dr. Tetrault. Dr. Tetrault is professional and willing to take time to explain suspected issues and work with patients to create a care plan specific to their needs. The clinic is very clean, well presented practice with gorgeous artwork. I was accommodated with flexible appointment times and option to purchase bulk sessions. I highly recommend Dr. Tetrault and his Mabuhay Chiropractic Clinic!” – Kristine Leitch

Cervical Spondylosis

“I suffered from severe left-sided neck pains radiating to the shoulder arms and forearm. Not relieved by the combined sedating analgesics and 3 weeks of rehabilitation treatment, I am a pediatrician and my decision making as a doctor was affected by these traditional sedating drugs… I was so frustrated until my sister from the states told me to see a chiropractor. I always shop at Rustan’s in Forbes Park and would always see the signage of Dr. Tetrault’s chiropractic clinc. I researched at the internet with regards Dr. Tetrault’s qualifications and I was impressed. I therefore asked my friend Dr. Cricket Chen if she was happy with his services and she replied “yes.”

It was on 2nd week of December that I first consulted. After my first treatment I was relieved 70 percent of my pains. In fact I was able to dance that very night at our Makati medical association Christmas party. Thereafter I had thrice a week treatments and always excited to see Dr. Tetrault because each treatment gave me better and better results. After 1 month I was 100 percent symptom free!*

I am a pediatrician at Makati Medical Center and Medical City. I referred a pediatrician Dr. Guy Paguio, an actress, an obstetrician to Dr. Tetrault. Chiropractic correction treatment is certainly the best option to any cervico-thoracic-lumbo-sacral pain.” – by Dra. Sally King

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