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Crisis Care

Pain comes from the triggering of pain sensitive nerve fibers (nociceptors) located all over the body. Like a smoke detector that signals the presence of smoke and we hurry to look for the fire, most pain is a sign of an underlying problem; something that indicates the presence of something else. Covering up the pain with medication may offer temporary relief but that does nothing to fix the problems that caused the pain in the first place.

Wisdom is a deep understanding and realization of people, things, events or situations, resulting in the ability to apply perceptions, judgments and actions in keeping with this understanding (wikipedia). Apply that to the experience of pain and it becomes obvious that proper action, not delay or denial, will get the best results and lasting outcomes.

Chiropractic is well known as a system of relieving pain, without the use of drugs or the need for surgery. For all painful conditions, a Chiropractic consultation is a wise starting point. If the chiropractor can identify the cause and accept to treat the case, positive results are always expected.

Typically acute problems only require short term care. When the pain tends to return to the same area of the body a longer healing time will require a series of corrective chiropractic care.

Corrective Care

The sad reality of how people prioritize their health care decisions often results in many conditions being denied timely care. The delay in receiving care earlier makes the process of recovery also a more complex situation.

Chiropractic is a natural system of care that respects and understands nature’s ways. So in reality it’s nature that sets the time line for cure. This is recognised when the chiropractor recommends a corrective care series of sessions. The pain aspect of the problem may respond quickly but joint instabilities remain and the proper time has to be given for full recovery.

Corrective care typically requires 3-10 weeks of chiropractic management. It’s like reaching another level or higher plateau of improvements. When the corrective care is completed a percentage of improvement can be assessed. Most people improve between 50% and 95% due to their participation in Corrective Care.

When a high level of progress is achieved like 90% or more the patient is released and when less than 90% improvement is reached the need to consider appropriate stabilization care is then discussed.

Stabilization Care

In truth a large number of people find a chiropractor too late to get cured. So, although pain relief and near-full range of motion in the joints are restored, there are usually residual damages after a decent course of corrective care because many joints have undergone PLASTIC CHANGES. It is these plastic changes in the soft tissues in and around the involved joints that require occasional or periodic maintenance care.

So what is needed for sustained spine and nerve integrity and health? 50% of the time maintenance care is recommended. This care is required or problems will deteriorate and spinal damages can resume. What damages? Arthritis,, spondylosis, degenerative disc disease, neuropathies, etc.

Typically, maintenance care schedule is anywhere from every three weeks apart to every three months apart for up to a year. The greater the joint and disc damages the greater the chances that more than one cycle of maintenance care will be necessary.

The desired outcome of stabilization care is optimal recovery. This care will bring an individual’s spinal condition up another level of improvement and this is a case by case process of management. There is another goal or objective for maintenance care, that is the ability to live free of pain, not suffer unexpected sicknesses and be as fit and productive as possible.

Lifestyle Care

Preventive / Lifestyle care is appropriate for individuals who have fully recovered or nearly fully recovered a healthy spine and nerves. When someone gets used to being well, to no longer suffer regular health problems, they no longer tolerate or wish to be inconvenienced by sickness or restrictions. They elect LIFESTYLE CARE as a natural part of their wellness options.

These are those individuals who seek to preserve their health, or want to stay away from medicine and from hospitals altogether. Preventive care makes that possible for the greatest majority of people in this group. Can you become one of these pro-active individuals and share their evolved philosophy of life and health? I invite you do it.

We invest in home, health, life and auto insurance to avoid catastrophic financial losses from an unexpected or unpreventable situation. Preventive care is an investment in true health-care. These individuals still carry an appropriate catastrophic insurance policy but they prefer to bet on themselves than against themselves by investing in preventive and lifestyle care chiropractic care. Wise are the few!

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