Spinal Hygiene

This is Chiropractic’s contribution to Public Health!  Spinal Hygiene is more important than Oral Hygiene but not as well understood and not yet established in public health.

Posture Screening Campaign

These screenings tested advanced protocols designed to serve as Pre-Scoliosis screenings and to serve as a model for public and private schools in the Philippines to follow. The standard tests were developed in cooperation with Life University, the largest chiropractic university in the world, designed for a Spinal Hygiene project for Bangalore India, headed by the Chiropractic Diplomatic Corps.

Cavite, Philippines

750 spinal screenings were performed in Cavite, Philippines over a three month period of time in elementary schools, high schools and a university. Key finding is that poor posture increases with age throughout youth starting with pre-school children showing highest percentage of excellent posture and a gradual decrease in posture with increased school years.

Makati, Philippines

2,250 spinal screenings were performed at the Colegio San Agustin over a three month period of time in this elementary and high school. Statistically significant analysis of this screening project revealed that about 15% of the youths in this large study sample rated high for poor posture due to scoliosis.

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