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Thank you for your interest in setting an appointment! We also accept walk-in patients but prefer the former.
Our basic chiropractic fee is Php 5,400 – inclusive of:
- doctor's consultation
- chiropractic evaluation
- x-ray interpretation, and
- first chiropractic treatment

NOTE: Actual x-ray procedure is not included. We recommend you to bring your most recent x-rays; however, the doctor may advise you to have another type of x-ray, depending on his initial evaluation.

Avail of our First-Visit Discount!

You and your family or friends may get a First-Visit Discount, ranging from 20% to 30%, when you pre-pay online. Please fill out the form below, then follow the next steps. Should you need any assistance during the registration or online payment process, please call our New Patient Center at (0995) 937 9284 during clinic hours and we will be happy to help you out!
Prices subject to change without notice.